Dangerous Advice From AA Members You Have To Read To Believe

Dave Tieff
9 min readFeb 7, 2024

I believe that the only way to fully understand the dangerous advice that you may get at any given AA meeting is to see it for yourself. I could tell you about my own experience at great length, but you have to read it with your own eyes.

My first article on this subject, “Dangerous Advice From AA Members — That I Had To Screenshot”, led to a lot of responses on Medium, as well as on social media (Instagram: Dave Tieff).

The most troubling thing about the feedback I got is that it was mostly from former AA members who were once victims of the same ignorant advice — on subjects ranging from medical questions to religious belief and potential harm and abuse.

There was no need for me to edit, embellish, or cherry-pick any of the following comments. They say what they say.

In addition, I left the responses in order so you can see how the bad advice just keeps on coming — and getting worse. I didn’t single out any one person or comment.

The following is an exchange on an AA Facebook page, that took place after a woman shared that she felt threatened by a stalker from her AA Meeting.

This is where the bullshit first hits the fan…

Just when I thought I had heard all of the terrible advice that you can get at an AA meeting, “Gregory” throws his hat into the ring. This girl is reaching out because she is afraid and doesn’t know where to turn, and he comes back with “Sounds like you’re making a big deal out of nothing.”

“Paul’s” advice is only slightly better, but advising her to tell a potential stalker you’re “not interested” is breathtakingly obtuse.



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