FOMO Is A Great Reason To Quit Alcohol

You miss out on a lot more being drunk than being sober

Dave Tieff


I’m sure I’m dating myself here, but I’ve seen The Grateful Dead (with Jerry Garcia) over 50 times. That sounds like a lot if you’re not into the Grateful Dead, but I have Deadhead friends who saw Jerry and the boys hundreds of times. It’s just what Deadheads do.

I have lots of wonderful memories of going to see them play, but one particular concert stands out above the rest. It was the time that I “accidentally” saw them sober.

It stands out because I remember all of it.

It was a last-second decision for my friends and me to make the 3-hour trip to the Spectrum in Philadelphia from Annapolis, which left no time to buy alcohol or weed.

We were still under 21, so swinging by the liquor store wasn’t an option.

Getting booze or weed wasn’t a problem with a little planning, but on short notice, we embarked on our road trip with no drugs or alcohol — assuming we would find some “party favors” once we got to the Spectrum.

That never happened.

By the time we got there, the show was ready to start, and I went in without the slightest buzz. It felt strange to be at a concert sober, especially The Grateful Dead, but when the music started I realized that being fucked up might not be necessary.

To this day, it’s the Dead concert I remember the most, and it was an amazing show. I remember leaving the concert wondering how many memories I had erased by being drunk.


Fear of missing out is a real thing (I still have it )and it keeps a lot of problem drinkers stuck on the hamster wheel of alcohol use and abuse.

No one likes to be left out or miss out on something fun — but ask yourself this: how many things have I missed out on being drunk?



Dave Tieff

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