Way To Go Bam Margera! I’ve Been Rooting For You

The “Jackass” star now has 120 days sober

Dave Tieff


In the early 2000s, my band Laughing Colors was offered an interesting gig that we did not want to pass up. We had played on many stages — both opening and headlining — but this particular gig promised to be a “unique” experience to say the least.

We would be opening for Jackass.

For those who don’t know (or respect your intellect), Jackass was a popular reality show on MTV that featured a motley crew of characters who did crude pranks and insane (oftentimes dangerous) stunts.

It was all about the shock value — and Jackass had the goods.

Most of the cast was around my age, and while I hung out with a slew of jackasses myself, the show's stunts left me cringing — but suitably impressed.

It was a guilty pleasure, for sure, but it’s fair to say I was a fan of the show.

So when Laughing Colors was asked to open for Jackass we were all pretty psyched. They wanted us to do a 45-minute set at a big nightclub in Baltimorea renovated bank turned rave haven — called Redwood Trust.

Redwood Trust

It was a dance club (and one of my favorite places to do ecstasy) but the club had gotten local radio station 98 Rock involved to do a special live music event. Or — whatever this was going to be.

You might be wondering: How does a rock band ‘“open up’” for a TV show?

We were as puzzled as you are — and just as anxious to find out.

Laughing Colors in 2023

Minutes before we were to go onstage it was still just us (Laughing Colors) in the backstage area. I could tell from the nervous look on the club owner's face that the Jackass gang had yet to show.

I was looking forward to meeting the cast — Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, et al — but it was time…



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