Why Do You Drink?

It’s an important question to ask yourself

Dave Tieff


I hope you never need to dissect your entire life as I have — just for my survival. Being a binge drinker who was prone to chronic relapse, I’ve had to dig into every crevice of my psyche to determine why I would keep repeating a behavior that would inevitably kill me. It was only a matter of time.

It wasn’t just that I passed out behind the wheel and hit a telephone pole — it’s the fact that I continued to drink after that.

Most people will never find themselves in the dire situations that my drinking put me in, but examining your relationship with alcohol is something anyone can benefit from. You don’t have to be a staggering drunk to do a little personal inventory.

The bottom line is that no amount of alcohol is safe.

It causes cancer, damages your internal organs (like your liver), ruins your skin, and makes your breath stink — so considering why you would do it is an excellent habit to get into.

The reason(s) may change depending on the situation.

I’ve had to ask myself, “Why do you drink?” on several occasions, and I realized that the answer to that question has varied over time. So, I wanted to give you a snapshot of all the reasons why I drank throughout my life.

There may be some that you can relate to.

Age 13

Reason #1: Pure curiosity.

There were no parents at home, my older sister was gone, and I was alone. I was listening to AC/DC’s Highway To Hell, and our stereo/record player was right on top of the liquor cabinet.

A fitting metaphor

I decided to take a drink from a bottle (I think it was whiskey?) to see what it tasted like.

It was horrific.

It burned my throat and made me gag, and I immediately ran to the fridge to chug some cherry Kool-Aid as a chaser. I couldn’t understand how a human being would intentionally drink such a vile and repulsive…



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