You Don’t “Give Up” Alcohol— You Break Free

Get busy living or get busy dying

Dave Tieff


No one gets out of prison and says they “gave up” jail. It requires no effort to leave — just a good friend to pick you up and drive you away in a beat-up Honda Civic.

But you’d gladly walk away on foot if you had to. Even if all you had were those prison sandals.

No one stays in jail for “fear of missing out,” or decides to hang around because their friends are there.

Sure, sometimes you need a vacation, a break, or just to “get away” — but no one decides to go to jail on sabbatical. It might break up the monotony of a stressful day for a few hours, but it’s a terrible place to clear your head. No one seeks imprisonment to escape.

They just get out of Dodge (or Honda) and watch the hoosgow disappear in the rearview mirror — forever grateful to be free.

The only real difference between alcohol and jail is that alcohol does a remarkable job of convincing you to stay.

The bars are invisible.

Ok — maybe not all of the bars.

These bars are enticing, and they allow you to come and go as you please — creating the illusion of freedom.

So you walk back into your cell willingly, lie down on your 4'x8' cot, and convince yourself that you can leave any time you want.

So you decide to stay.

I realize that if you’re sober curious or just considering going alcohol-free for some time the prison metaphor might seem a bit dramatic.

But at the same time — there has to be a reason why you’re curious.

We all know that “fun” is associated with drinking — and vice versa. Big Alcohol has done a bang-up job of convincing us of that.

How else would we get six-pack abs and a group of bikini-clad models dancing with us on the beach unless we drink a case of beer?

The parties, vacations, concerts, and get-togethers just wouldn’t be the same…



Dave Tieff

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